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Is being sick getting you down?

With the onslaught of the flu season that still has, according to the CDC, 6 more weeks of rigor how do you keep from becoming another flu victim? As many doctors will state;

  • wash your hands frequently
  • refrain from touching surfaces that are used by many in public places
  • get plenty of sleep
  • eat a healthful diet

But many times, even abiding by the above, the flu may find it’s way into your system either way. Today, the flu shot doesn’t even seem to help counteract the many flu strains working their way through schools, businesses, and public domains. Certainly, this doesn’t mean you panic or simply decide to never leave the house until the flu season is completely over, it simply means you take precautions. Such as the list noted above.

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Why do some words cause debates?

Have you ever had those debates with friends or family on what a word means? Such as the word respect, love, or power. For example: The word respect for some may be as simple as having the right manners, for others it may be how they feel they should be treated. However, when you ask what this word means you may get a totally different answer dependent upon their beliefs or how they see the world.

This is the same for many words that bring up feelings and experiences when they are brought up in a conversation. Especially with couples, friends or family members. Why do you think this is?

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Putting your best self forward.

When we approach a new year many of us go through our list of resolutions or things we want to change in the coming year. But how many of us concentrate on the things we did or went well for the year? We tend to only think about the things that didn’t work and how we plan to make changes for a better self. Here’s something to think about…..

  • What if you looked back on the year and only reflected on the good things that happened?
  • What if you reflect on all the great traits you have to offer the world?
  • How about those skills that no one can do better than you?
  • The projects that couldn’t have come to fruition without you?

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How are you filling your bucket?

Using a metaphor regarding your bucket of life. How do you fill it?

  • Is it filled with people who care and help you build your self-esteem
  • Is it filled with those who tear you down?
  • Is it filled with life lessons that have given you strength
  • Is it filled lessons that have broken you?
  • Is there space to fill it up with what you want?

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Taking the time to care

Have you heard the saying; “The holidays seem to really bring the best out in many and they seem more caring.” We all have a big heart and giving and caring is something we are born with. Yet our life routines and challenges mount up and we tend to put that giving and caring heart on the back burner and maybe a little omission.

So why is it we can’t be this way every day, even well after the holiday seasons? What causes us to forget this part of us that is so caring and giving?

  • Could it be that we get back into a routine that we’ve been practicing for so long it’s too hard to break the cycle?
  • Could it be that we tend to forget about the holidays as life continues well after the last Christmas tree has been taken down?
  • Or that we are simply focus elsewhere?

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